We've moved!
Izu Hike's staff have moved to Fuji Five Lakes to focus on our business offering guided hikes to the summit of Mt Fuji, as well as bike tours and winery tours in the mountain's foothills. Find us there at www.fujibiketour.com.

Although we will be located too far away to continue offering Izu Hike's single-day tours, we would be happy to meet requests for multi-day hiking and biking tours in Izu. If you're interested in a multi-day tour in Izu, contact us.

 Our Most Popular Hike

Trek along one of the loveliest arcs of Shimoda's coastline where dramatic cliffs and striking rock formations tower over colorful tidepools.

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 Day Hikes

Ancient beech forests, emerald terraced rice fields, wildflower-blanketed mountainsides and brilliant aquamarine tidepools... nature awaits.

 Hire a Guide

Our guides are native English speakers and long-term Izu residents. They know the local trails well and can help you have a fun, safe hike.

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 Bike and Hike

Our bike and hike tours enable you to experience the countryside at your own pace and access trailheads public transportation doesn't reach. We offer bike rentals too.

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 Mount Fuji Biking Tours

Our sister site Fuji Bike Tour offers guided bicycle tours around the Fuji Five Lakes and Mt Fuji foothills where there are fantastic views of the iconic mountain and its beautiful surrounding landscapes.

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